Founded in 2012, OfficeOffCourse is currently based in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Boston.  The core design team covers urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and other professions, who previously had professional experience in many world-renowned architecture offices and institutes in the US, Netherland, Japan, Mexico and Spain and participated in various types of project, with extensive background and practical experience. The office is engaged in variety of projects in China, Japan, US and Australia, including museum, private residence, office building, urban planning, historical building renovation, school and etc.

Collaborating with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the China Academy of Art as academic platforms, OfficeOffCourse explores and extends the core value of architecture in both globalization and localization. Their projects bridges history, nature and space, discussing typologies of architecture and landscape in different contexts, to expand the unknowable boundaries beyond limits. Meanwhile, office pays attention to the creative application of traditional material by modern technology, the organic renewal development in historical heritage and the criticism over diversification of contemporary cities. Office collaborates with multidisciplinary at the beginning of each project through systematic integration offering innovative design solutions.

否则建筑于2012年初成立于美国波士顿,目前工作室地点位于中国上海,杭州及美国波士顿。工作室的核心设计团队成员涵盖规划,建筑,景观,室内等多个专业,曾就职于美国,荷兰,日 本,墨西哥和西班牙等多个国际知名事务所并参与多种类型的项目,拥有丰富而广泛的工作背景和实践经验。事务所设计的项目涵盖了文化,商业,教育,公共设施多种类别,分布于全国各地及日本,美国,澳大利亚。其作品获得多项国际设计大奖。



The Architectural Review Emerging Architecture Shortlisted