Shadow Garden_花影园

Yangzhou, China_扬州, 中国

The building is one of the five satellite pavilions located in the first completed phase of 2021 World Horticulture Expo site in Yangzhou. Considering the life after the Expo, the design is seeking to explore a new architecture organizational way that is highly flexible, changeable and mixed-use but at the same time allows independence and privacy of each program. The requirement is: during the Expo period, the building should incorporate five programs at different level of publicness and sharing possibility, whereas, after the Expo, each program could be independently rented out to different entities who can maintain their own privacy without sharing any space with one another. This principle does not only apply to indoor space but also the outdoor resources.


Before our team took on the commission, the planning team had made each of the programs one single building - as the common way of solving the binaries of public and private normally does - Building A - visitor and information center, Building B - gallery of rare plants collection and Kadō, Building C - young adult education center, Building D - tea room and cafeteria, Building E - office/management and souvenir store. In this case the historic dilemma between private/public is ever more obvious, never achieve both. But our arrangement is different.  We find such a composition of the space that can achieve both: every room’s function is different from the room next one, every room has giant sliding door that can open to different programs, every room has double-side private courtyard and cross ventilation, every program has courtyard and its unique layout, all the corridors are private and serve single program … such architectural operations successfully meet the challenge meanwhile offers many new way of mix-use possibilities from time to time.


Collaboration: Santos Prescott and Associates,USA, Atelier Wang Jianguo
合作:桑托斯 普莱斯考特联合事务所,东南大学王建国工作室