Bird Observatry_鸟类观察站

Songyang, China_松阳, 中国
Under Construction_在建

This bird observatory is a micro-level architectural intervention as a part of rural region revival plan as Songyang became a popular destination of tourism. The project is chosen to locate next to a wetland as a migration stop for birds, and next to a farmland which was owned by local village community. It is not only a space for research purpose, but also an education center for students, a resting area for tourists, and, most importantly, a community centre for rural residents.


The bamboo grove is a green wall cutting this site into two distinguish parts. Accordingly, only two facades are shown in this project, which connect farmland and wetland with different perspectives. The one facing farmland, a place where people live, becomes a house with bamboo grove as its back drop. A split gap in the middle calls for mysterious imagination towards the other side. The other one facing wetland, a place where birds stay, becomes a nest hidden in-between lush vegetation, to minimize human activities inside.


Architects work with local craftsmen, using bamboo and materials on site as the formwork to cast concrete structure. The natural texture and raw concrete surface produce a dynamic appearance, while we consider light as an additional material to allow this building to grow and to change.